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Collage of photos of Michigan's Upper Peninsula taken by Gerry Mantel, December 2007 and May 2008

Scenes from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula,   
photographed by Gerry Mantel, Dec. 2007 & May 2008

SuperiorReading acknowledges its main sources of inspiration & support would like to thank . . .


For inspiration— My own U.P. ancestors and extended families, particularly a most interesting, progressive-minded Estonian grandfather whose genealogy is the highlight of these web pages.

For information— The wide range of researchers, storytellers, and webmasters presented within, starting with John Voelker (Robert Traver) and culminating with my highly motivated contemporaries Steve Lehto and Lyndon Comstock.

For special indebtedness— The semi-obscure JSK of Pittsburgh, PA, for putting all the various thoughts & ideas into navigable cyber-print.


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