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Photos taken by Gerry Mantel
during an August 2009 trip to Sault Ste. Marie


A lengthy history of settlement spurred by a strategic setting has allowed Sault Ste. Marie the kind of peculiar riverside funkiness that’s always worth investigating; there’s typically lots happening of interest, too, across the locks in big sister Soo, the relative metropolis of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. So, privy to this knowledge and always mindful of my credo (“Have Car, Will Travel”), off I went late this past August.

That’s the Good News.

Unfortunately, some “unseasonable” weather soon set in and over the relative short course of what remained of my stay, my hospitable hosts and I sought out, with rods & reels, both the perch family (while still-fishing) as well as the salmonids (by deep trolling), getting roundly skunked and thus scurrying for the nearest Red Lobster (or Antler’s) whilst serving me a rude reminder that it would’ve been OK, indeed, if I’d left the camera at home.

Oh, well—even at that, an outing or three on the St. Mary’s River is nonetheless invigorating (especially during the nice weather that finally emerged), given the opportunity to participate in the summer circus of sailboats, freighters, sightseers, and fellow anglers.

Besides, I personally got an informative tour of the Lake Superior State University Aquatic Research Lab at the east end of the Soo Edison powerhouse where, within an arm’s length, I gazed upon literally thousands of gorgeous Atlantic salmon (the absolute king of game fish), though all quite shy of the minimum keeper size, I’m unhappy to report, since they definitely appeared to be in a biting mood at the time.

And I did manage, after all, some decent pix of my trip as a whole, to the best of which I am providing public access.

Hope you enjoy this e-version of my Soo Safari!

Gerry Mantel



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