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Lake Superior fisherman Armour Sarkela, photographed by Peter Oikarinen


Lake Superior winter scene, photographed by Peter Oikarinen


Armour Sarkela with kitten, photographed by Peter Oikarinen


hand of a Lake Superior fisherman, photographed by Peter Oikarinen











Press and Reader Reviews

Armour: A Lake Superior Fisherman


Peter Oikarinen

“This is one of those rare, independently published books that, once read, makes you wish it could find a broader audience . . .”

Great Lakes Seaway Review/Great Laker Magazine
Oct-Dec 2003

“An engaging chronicle and an impressive tribute . . . especially recommended for anyone who has fished the lakes, streams, ponds and rivers of America and been filled with reverence for the bounty of nature and the joy of appreciating what we have while we have it.”

Midwest Book Review
Jan 2004

“This book is a fine tribute not only to Armour Sarkela, but also to the many others on sea and land who helped to make the Upper Peninsula what it is today. More importantly, perhaps, it’s also a book about friendship, and how important that can be.”

The Mining Journal
[Marquette, MI], 12-07-03

“Yksinkertaisuudestaan huolimatta Sarkelan elämä vaikuttanee kirjan perusteella hyvin rikkaalta. Erämaan keskellä eläminen ei tarkoita erakkoelämän viettämistä.”

Annakaisa Vääräniemi, Canadan Sanomat

“Oikarinen was asked to write about the American Dream, and did his essay on Armour’s world . . .”

The Daily Mining Gazette
[Houghton, MI], 11-27-03

“The book’s best parts are when Armour speaks. His insights into humanity, life, the whims of nature and his occupation make him one cool dude.”

The Saginaw News

“. . . [Peter Oikarinen's] photographs reveal a special sophistication that might be called by another name: natural experience, power of observation, or perhaps a peculiar kind of wisdom that comes from the intense joy of living an honest life as far from the rat race as possible. I'm convinced it is that very phenomenon—the steeping at home with self-satisfying vigor— that makes Pete’s pictures (as well as his writings) unique and exciting.”

Joe Kirkish, award-winning Copper Country photographer
and Professor Emeritus, Michigan Technological University.
April 1991, Foreword to Armour: A Lake Superior Fisherman.


Finnish-American 'old-timer' Armour Sarkela with his boat Hope. Photograph by Peter Oikarinen.


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