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Upper Peninsula Shoreline Scene
Upper Peninsula shoreline scene,
photographed by Gerry Mantel, May 2008

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  • Ancient America, Vol. 3/Issue 23
    Magazine includes article “Who Were The Moundbuilders” ($5.00)

  • Kalevalan Laulumailta by Into Konrad Inha
    “The trip to Archangel Karelia undertaken by Into Konrad Inha (1865-1930) in 1894 is one of the most important in the history of Karelianism. The resulting travelogue, Kalevalan Laulumailta (‘From the Kalevala Song Country’), which appeared in 1911, continues to have a major impact on Finns’ conceptions of the folk song areas of Karelia. The vistas and portraits of Inha’s early but masterful photographs have become permanently etched in the Finnish Kalevalaic consciousness. For many, the world behind the Kalevala is still reflected in the landscapes, persons, and moods immortalized by Inha’s camera.

    Only two editions of the book were ever published, in 1911 and 1921. Now, on the 150th anniversary of the New Kalevala, Inha’s book has appeared in its third edition, in its entirety and resembling as much as possible the first edition. Included are also photographs that Inha was forced to leave out of the first editions. Unlike in previous editions, the photographs appear in this version without cropped edges. The book also contains a brief chronology of Inha
    s life, a list of the books he used, indexes of subjects, places, and proper names, as well as a glossary of words in the Karelian language.”

                         . . . from Pekka Laaksonen, 1999, of the Finnish Literature Society, publisher of the book

    Very hard to find hardcover with dust jacket, 437 pages, loaded with photographs.

    Book and dust jacket both in VG++ condition.

    Please note that the text is in Finnish!

    $55.00 including postage to anywhere in the USA; please contact us for overseas postage rates.


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