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Father Frank Perkovich's Polka Mass makes the headlines.

. . . The spirited polka music reached out to his own people as well as to many nationalities precisely because it was folk music, the music of the people. It added greatly to the spirit and gaiety of the liturgy. It quickly captured a national audience. O La, O Lee O!

Father Charles P. Flynn of Duluth and Ireland
as quoted in Dancing a Polka to Heaven


Songs & Hymns from the Polka Mass

Presented by Father Frank Perkovich
Volume One with Joe Cvek, the Variables Orchestra, and the Choraleers
Volume Two with Joe Cvek, the Polka Massters, and the Perkatones

Volume One

  1. The Angelus Češčena Si Marija - Traditional [3:01]
  2. Chapel in the Valley L. Slak; lyrics - Fr. George Balasko [2:00]
  3. Lord Have Mercy Ray Repp [1:08]
  4. At This Sacrifice Plavi Oči - Traditional; lyrics - Mary Cvek [3:46]
  5. We Offer Bread and Wine Traditional/Arr. J. Cvek; lyrics - Fr. George Balasko [3:02]
  6. The Angelic Song Ray Repp [1:05]
  7. Lamb of God Ray Repp [1:13]
  8. Under the Skies of Blue Pod Mojern Okencem - Traditional; lyrics - Mary Cvek [3:08]
  9. We Come To You, O Lord Traditional/Arr. J. Cvek; lyrics - Fr. George Balasko [3:03]
10. Adio Traditional; lyrics - Mary Cvek [2:19]
11. High Above The Clouds L. Slak/Arr. J. Cvek; Instrumental [2:43]
12. Iron Mike Polka J. Pecon/Arr. J. Cvek; Instrumental [2:14]

Volume Two

13.  Beloved Mother Serdeczna Matko - Traditional; K. Kurpinski
14.  The Angelus Češčena Si Marija - Traditional; English vocal [2:23]
15. In My Heart Maja Dekla - Traditional; lyrics - Mary Cvek [3:09]
16. Above the Mountain Mountain Flower Waltz
Arr. J. Cvek & G.Hutar; lyrics - Mary Cvek
17. Glory, Glory Tiha Noci - Trad.
Arr. J. Cvek & G.Hutar; lyrics - Mary Cvek
18. Let Great Hosannas Ring Bleda Djeva - Traditional
Arr. J. Cvek & G.Hutar; lyrics - Fr. Perkovich
19. We Praise the Lord Again Happy Accordian Waltz - Lozja Slak
Arr. J. Cvek & G.Hutar; lyrics - Mary Cvek
20.  Let the Son Shine In Bill Czuptia; lyrics - Fr. George Balasko [2:01]
21. Cheek to Cheek Polka Instrumental - Recessional [2:13]
22. Pecon’s Polka Instrumental - Recessional [2:19]
23. Hawaiian Polka Instrumental - Recessional [2:11]


Recorded by Sound 80, Minneapolis.
Recording Engineer for Volume One, Tom Jung; for Volume Two, Paul Martinson.

CD produced by Encore Productions, Minneapolis.
Photos by Thomas-Leonard Studio in Eveleth, Minnesota.

Father Frank Perkovichs inspiration to create a Polka Mass had two sources: the Second Vatican Council’s emphasis on vernacular liturgy and a tape of Father George Balasko’s use of Croatian music for his Ohio congregation. With the help of Joe Cvek, leader of a popular Iron Range polka band, and his mother Mary, who composed lyrics, Father Perk’s vision of a Mass featuring traditional Slovenian and Croatian music became reality. His first Polka Mass was celebrated on May 5, 1973 at Resurrection Church in Eveleth, Minnesota. Since then, the Polka Mass has not only been celebrated all across Minnesota's Mesabi Iron Range and in the Twin Cities but also in many other states—including Alaska and Hawaii. In 1975, Father Perk took the Polka Mass to Slovenia and in 1983, to the Vatican for Pope John Paul II; John Hanson’s 1984 documentary Wildrose also includes a Polka Mass. On June 25, 2006, Father Perkovich’s Polka Mass was celebrated at the 29th Annual Polkafest, held at Ironworld in Chisholm, Minnesota, his hometown.


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