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Finglish Handbook
Being a Practical Language Guide from
English to Finnish to Finglish

by Hap Puotinen (1971)



Da Yoopers Glossary
A Tourist's Guide to a Better Understanding
of the Yoopanese Language

by Joe Potila and Jim DeClaire (1993)

softcover, 16p.




These two handy translational references will surely ease the anxiety of that next big Yooper Adventure, starting with your passage through Customs (note: passport not required) at the Mackinac Bridge tollbooth in St. Ignace—Yah dere, hey!



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RED EXODUS by Mayme Sevander



Red Exodus (1993)
Finnish-American Emigration to Russia

by Mayme Sevander

ISBN-10: 1887801456
ISBN-13: 978-1887801454


Also by Mayme Sevander, a sequel:

Of Soviet Bondage (1996)

ISBN: 1887801537
ISBN-13: 9781887801539

Given her personal stake, the unraveling of the Karelian Fever mystery was spearheaded by the late Mayme Sevander of northern Wisconsin, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the 2004 grand finale of the Työmies Society (then captained by the late Weikko Jarvi); these are two of the trilogy that Mayme wrote on the topic.

To learn more about Weikko Jarvi ››




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 cover of Traver On Fishing

Traver On Fishing

by Robert Traver
edited by Nick Lyons (2001)

What a great idea—Nick Lyons has carefully constructed this anthology of John Voelker’s Greatest Hits featuring Ishpeming, Michigan’s favorite son famously known as Robert Traver (1903-1991), who is often considered the quintessential Yooper.

Not only does Mr. Lyons include some fine essays taken from Traver’s three fishing-specific books but also some special treats, including a generous number of Traver’s magazine contributions and a couple of profiles written by former friends and colleagues—and I for one appreciate such a gathering under one cover.

As Traver himself would tell us, it’s not that trout fishing is so important, however, a speckled trout is a beautiful creature that’s synonymous with a healthy environment!

Nick Lyons is a New Yorker who served as editor for Traver’s Trout Magic (1974).

6 7/8 x 9 1/8 softcover, 320p.

ISBN 1-59228-153-2

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More about John Voelker

Fishing photo-array plus a Traver fishing-quotation sampler


Cover of Tall Timber Tales by Jingo Viitala Vachon


Tall Timber Tales (1973)

by (Jenny) Jingo Viitala Vachon

In memory of Jingo Viitala Vachon (1918-2009), Yooper Eccentric Extraordinaire who embodied the American Immigrant Spirit of the early 20th century.

Please visit the links below for details:

  • Jingo is the subject of two videos: Jingo Vitala Vachon 1918-2009 (an interview from Michael Loukinen's 1983 documentary Tradition Bearers) and American Finn Jenny >>>

  • Jingo obit >>>

  • Jingo's 2004 personal postcard to me >>>

5.3 x 8.3 softcover, 164p.


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Breakfast at the Hoito
and Other Adventures in the Boreal Heartland

by Charles Wilkins (1997)

In going Global, SuperiorReading welcomes Charles Wilkins, originally from Toronto but now residing in Thunder Bay, Ontario—Lake Superior’s largest community, located at the lake’s head.

I first came across Charlie’s name when I read (in a book about the National Hockey League’s six-team era) his portrait of Gordie Howe, which was absolutely the best I'd ever seen. And that’s nothing to sneeze at, given that I was born & raised in the vicinity of Detroit’s old Olympia Stadium where Gordie starred, and a Red Wings fan all the way.

My personal exchanges with this author have reaffirmed what I’ve typically come to expect from Canadians, i.e., a Class Act all the way—Hail Canada!

It’s no surprise, then, to find Breakfast at the Hoito a very entertaining collection of essays and profiles centered on the Thunder Bay area, the Hoito being that funky eatery below the famous Labour Temple of the historical Bay Street district in old Port Arthur (where I myself have had a few adventures over the years to be sure).

6 x 9 softcover, 182p., fully indexed, 49 b/w photos.

ISBN 1-896219-33-0

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