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Remembering JFK

Brief  Notes about the Assassination

The chickens [from the Eisenhower years] are coming home to roost, and you live in the chicken coop.

Gen. Douglas MacArthur to President John F. Kennedy
April 1961

JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters by James W. Douglass is currently considered as the more-or-less ‘standard reference’ of the 11/22/63 tragedy due to its readability, recent and relatively up-to-date publication—and especially, its ability to view this event through the lens of the Kennedy presidency.

Regarding the “Unspeakable” mentioned but not thoroughly addressed by Mr. Douglass, Battling Wall Street: The Kennedy Presidency by Donald Gibson provides some excellent insights and leads, also in the context of JFK’s political tendencies.

Another book worthy of mention that will almost certainly offer further corroboration along these lines is due out, ca. 2015, by David Talbot.

Regardless, the ever-growing consensus amongst historians leaves little doubt that President Kennedy was indeed locked into a virtual one-man war versus the so-called “National Security” folks within (as well as outside) his administration; some revealing synopses can be found here:

“JFKs War with the National Security Establishment: Why Kennedy Was Assassinated,” Part 1, by Douglas Horne (The Future of Freedom Foundation, August 5, 2013) >>>

“JFK’s Embrance of Third World Nationalists” by Jim DiEugenio (, November 25, 2013) >>>

“JFK vs. the Military ” by Robert Dallek (The Atlantic, September 10, 2013) >>>

“John F. Kennedys Vision of Peace” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Rolling Stone, November 20, 2013) >>>

The final events of this political war leading to the death of John F. Kennedy are detailed in this trilogy by James K. Galbraith, with the first essay as listed below being largely based on the latter two:

“Kennedy, Vietnam, and Iraq” (Salon, November 22, 2003)  >>>

“Exit Strategy” (Boston Review, Oct/Nov 2003)  >>>

Did the U.S. Military Plan a Nuclear First Strike for 1963?  >>>

And please see this article for a unique perspective aptly summarizing 50 years of investigation into the still-unsolved murder case:

"Vince Salandria: The JFK Conspiracy Theorist" by Robert Huber
(Philadelphia Magazine, February 27, 2014)   >>>

Gerry Mantel, January 1, 2014


     banner at JFK Library and Museum celebrating 50th anniversary of his presidency






Photo Gallery of Dallas Locations Associated with JFK’s Assassination >>>   

Photo Gallery: A Visit to JFK’s Gravesite >>>   

“JFK's Boston—October 2012”: A photo-tour of locations pertinent to the life of JFK >>>   

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