JFK’s Boston — October 2012 / 19

Photographed by Gerald E. Mantel  
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Boston's Omni Parker House

A most intriguing place: The Omni Parker House, founded in 1855 and currently the longest continuously operating hotel in the United States.

Most notably, Ho Chi Minh served as a baker in the bakeshop from 1911 to 1913, and Malcolm X was a busboy here in the 40s.  Just before the Lincoln assassination, John Wilkes Booth was seen eating here.  In 1946, JFK announced his candidacy for U. S. Congress at the Omni Parker House where, a few years later, he also proposed to Jackie Bouvier and subsequently staged his bachelor party.  Many years earlier, a six-year-old John F. Kennedy gave his first public “speech” here, praising his grandfather.

That’s the Short Story, although there’s even more great history associated with this place that one can easily find on-line.


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