JFK’s Boston — October 2012 / 11

Photographed by Gerald E. Mantel  
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Boston's Old West Church

Here’s a curious site, adjacent to the historic Beacon Hill district; it’s the Old West Church where John F. Kennedy personally cast his ballot for the 1960 presidential election that he ultimately won.

There was an earlier church on this site, built in 1737; the British seized it before the American Revolution, and then later desecrated it to a large extent, fearing the activity that would eventually unfold at the Old North Church. According to Wikipedia, it was here that the phrase “no taxation without representation” was first coined, though the JFK Presidential Library claims otherwise.  At one time this building also served as a branch of the public library.

In the 1950s, the city of Boston sought to raze this place, but citizens rallied to save it, just in time for Mr. Kennedy to cast his vote.


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