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Cover of 2nd edition, Death's Door by Steve Lehto

Some Observations About Death’s Door, 2nd edition (2013)

The original publication is certainly the backbone of this updated version, and I’ve previously posted my review of it, here >>>>

However, there are some significant developments in this 2nd edition—all of which are highly informative, including a few that are downright entertaining:

1) The inclusion of the August, 1913 Seeberville murders which kicked off a string of violence across the Copper Country, on the heels of the strike. (Though a more thorough treatment of this event can be found in Shortcut, also authored by Mr. Lehto and also reviewed by this writer.)

2) A recounting and analysis of the shooting of Margaret Fazekas in Kearsarge on Labor Day, 1913.

3) Further insights into the Dally-Jane murders of early December, 1913, and the subsequent investigation.

4) An honorable effort in the naming of “He Who Cried Fire” at the Italian Hall disaster of Christmas Eve, 1913, along with the addition of a few more telltale pix relating to the event, as assembled in the first edition of Death’s Door.

5) An “Afterword” consisting of very interesting “Whatever Happened To …” discussions of some major Italian Hall fiasco notables, the Keweenaw copper industry by-and-large (particularly as it relates to labor issues) and (later on in the book) the Hall structure itself.

6) Final sections under the banners “Enduring Appeal” and “Community in Conflict” that make mention of some noteworthy art generated by the tragedy, followed by the long-term memories of survivors, supposed death-bed confessions and whatnot.

Ultimately, these considerations feed directly into the always-engaging perspectives of the “History of History” that the author has a great knack for and that, of course, is still being played out, right up to the ongoing and (apparently) politically motivated saga of Team Michigan Tech/NPS.

I won’t spill the proverbial beans by providing details, but rather simply wish to note that these revelations are invariably based upon the author’s consistently sound, no-stone-unturned research along with the firmest belief that “History Matters,” all precipitating his obvious passion for getting to the Bottom of the Story.

And it’s for these reasons alone—whether you agree with Mr. Lehto’s conclusions or not—that make his work an indispensible addition to personal libraries, and the ultimate basis for further study.

Gerry Mantel
Pittsburgh, PA
March 2014

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