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cover of COMING FOR COPPER Coming for Copper:
Michigan Copper in the Bronze Age

by Ancient Artifact Preservation Society (2011)

Compiled by researchers of the Ancient Artifact Preservation Society, Marquette, Michigan, including the late C. Fred Rydholm. As an excellent place to begin one’s Bronze Age quest along the ancient Copper Trail, it’s full of fascinating facts, photographs, and tantalizing questions.

8.5 x 5.5 booklet, 32p., full color covers and black&white interior.

0049-AAPS Book

For more about ancient copper mining >>>

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cover of SO COLD A SKY by U.P weatherman Karl Bohnak

So Cold A Sky: Upper Michigan Weather Stories

by Karl Bohnak (second edition, 2006)

Karl Bohnak, U.P. weather guru based at TV-6 in Marquette, mixes—in a highly digestible layman’s style—a combination of meteorological savvy, historical facts and hand-me-down folklore in detailing the various quirks (of which there certainly are many) that make for the region’s unique, unstable climate.

Mr. Bohnak, a permanent resident since 1988, has no doubt satisfied his “snow fanatic” childhood dreams for which he is to be congratulated, as well for this entertaining So Cold A Sky product of those same dreams.

10 x 7 softcover, 352p. (with an interesting assortment of b&w photographs and weather charts, plus a glossary and index)

ISBN 10: 097781890X
ISBN 13: 978-0977818907

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A Sierra Club Naturalist’s Guide to
The North Woods of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota

by Glenda Daniel and Jerry Sullivan (1981)

Self-touted as an “invaluable, all-purpose field guide,” this book lives up to its billing, and then some—and as such the geology, weather and plant/wildlife communities that comprise the “transitional forest” of Great North Woods are treated with scientific-yet-readable respect.

8 x 4.5 softcover, 408p.

ISBN 10: 0871562774
ISBN 13: 978-0871562777

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cover of THE SWEATER LETTER by Dave Distel with Lynn Distel

The Sweater Letter

by Dave Distel with Lynn Distel (2002)

This nationally bestselling, true murder mystery largely set in the area of Ontonagon, Michigan, is the definitive modern-day answer to John Voelker's classic Anatomy of a Murder.

The Sweater Letter was featured on a segment of Court TV Forensic Files.

9 x 6 softcover, 342 p.

ISBN 0-595-25933-2

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The History of Pequaming

by Earl L. Doyle and Ruth B. MacFarlane (1998, 2002)

The Baraga County Historical Society’s detailed chronology of Michigan’s most famous ghost town and former Henry Ford ‘model’ community, in a high-quality printing funded in part by the Ford Motor Company.

10 1/4 x 8 1/4 hardcover, 207p., 100+ historic photo reproductions and illustrations, fully indexed.


For some interesting personal aspects of Finnish-American family history in Pequaming, click here.

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cover of BENEATH THE SURFACE by J. P. Hall

Beneath the Surface

by J. P. Hall (2001)

Historical fiction regarding the Great Copper Strike of 1913-14 up to and including the infamous Italian Hall disaster, written by a Marquette, Michigan, student, homemaker, and mother.

The Copper Strike of 1913 is an important event in labor history and also the subject of the December 2013 PBS-TV documentary Red Metal.

8 1/2 x 5 1/2 softcover, 104p, 17 photos and illustrations.

ISBN 0-9712148-0-8

Click on “1913 Massacre” in our Links page for info about a current film project involving Old Calumet.

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cover of AN ALBUM OF FINNISH HALLS: YESTERDAY AND TODAY, a visual representation by Heino Hannula

An Album of Finnish Halls: Yesterday & Today

by Reino Nikolai Hannula (author of Blueberry God)

Finn Halls were the centerpieces of Finnish-American radicalism during the first decades of the 20th century—numerous cultural centers that provided (in the words of Auvo Kostiainen) a “soft landing” for first-generation immigrants as they painstakingly assimilated American culture, while struggling to cope with its dog-eat-dog industrial capitalism.

Though out-of-print and relatively rare, this nonetheless is one of my favorite books, it depicting a “Hall” sense of community that surely was more inspiring and stimulating than the “Mall” variety I was personally stuck with, starting in the 60s.

ISBN-10: 0-962686018
ISBN-13: 978-0962686016


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